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About Us

Tacoma Music Lab is a place where your children can build a solid musical foundation, while preparing their minds for life in the twenty-first century. 

We believe in the power of musical study not only to promote a rich internal life, but also to foster discipline, resilience, problem-solving, and self confidence.

That's why we call it a lab; we encourage optimism, risk-taking, failure, and most importantly, growth. We are a low-stakes environment where you child can push themselves, and at the same time, develop a life-long skill that they will treasure.

We currently offer lessons on the piano, guitar, violin, voice, music production, and viola, with our options continually expanding. 


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Thank you so much to Emily Molina at Southsoundtalk for this awesome write-up. 


“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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