The First Note


We believe that music education should be uplifting, fun, and energizing from the very first note. Gone are the days of the scary piano teacher down the street! 



At the MusicLab, we don't stop at teaching instrumental performance skills. Our highly qualified teachers reproduce a university-style education for all ages and abilities. This means we teach music theory, music history, chamber music, musical analysis, and more!

The Future Sounds Good


We believe that in today's screen-addicted world, musical education is more important than ever. Regular musical practice improves attention span, memory, spatial awareness, and even boosts mood. The science is clear: a brain is better off when it participates regularly in music-making. 

Founder’s Notes 


My name is Michael Clark. I started the MusicLab  in 2015, teaching only a handful of students in their own homes. I quickly discovered a passion for teaching and sharing musical experiences of all kinds with young kiddos and adults alike! Take a look around and give us a shout if you have any questions!

We’d love to hear from you!

902 Market Street, Office 302 and 303 | Tacoma WA | 98402| michael@Musiclabtacoma.com

Tel: 253-389-2639