Only the Best Teachers

First and foremost, Tacoma Music Lab values excellence in teaching. Each of our teachers holds a music degree from a four-year university, and is required to perform in the Puget Sound Region on a regular basis. Ask your teacher about his/her latest project!

Practice time, built right in 

Hallelujah. Praise be. 

You won't have to bug your kids to practice. Seriously. 

We build supervised practice opportunities right into our weekly calendar. This is a game changer. Here's why. 

Don't bug your kid to practice during the week. Instead, just drop them off at the Lab for an hour twice a week while one of our expert teachers supervises a class practice session. Think of it like study hall for piano! The best part? It works very well. 

No tears at home. We promise. 


An Education That Goes Beyond Music

Music is wonderful in that its value extends beyond notes and lines on a paper.


We see our work as a wonderful opportunity to teach our students about discipline, commitment, optimism, goal setting, and all that good stuff that will promote their well-being later on in life.  

We want our kids to learn to trust themselves, to respect others, and to value learning as a PROCESS that unfolds across the lifespan. 

Memberships for Every Budget

A full membership, with hour-long lessons and access to our practice groups and extra-curricular activities runs $220/month. (price excludes cost of materials, which we add to your bill when necessary).

A half membership, with half-hour lessons and access to our practice groups and extra-curricular activities costs $140/month. (price excludes cost of materials, which we add to your bill when necessary).