• Michael

Masks don't bother us :)

The world is a wild place right now. Really, I don't need to be one of the five million voices who re-iterate that day in and day out. So, instead of wax poetic about our current state of peril, I'll focus on something positive:

For the most part, music lessons worldwide (and especially for us phase-2 peeps) have barely changed in the midst of all this upheaval. And thank goodness for that.

Sure, they're itchy, they're hot, they're uncomfortable. But after a a student is at the keyboard for ten minutes or so, they tend to forget they are wearing their masks; in fact, they tend to forget about COVID-19 entirely.

That's valuable. That's REALLY, really valuable.

Enjoy these photos of Tacoma Music Lab kids growing, making the best with what they've got, and making music in this crazy time!

Let me not get too corny on you here, but basically, we're all still people. We're all still doing what people do. Things are crazy, but we're gonna make it.


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