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Student Stories: Jack Burns

Updated: Jul 20

Piano Lessons help a piano student invest in his love for Broadway.

Oh, Jack.

How to describe him? Quirky, full of spark, and fiercely intelligent. This kid is the bomb.

I knew Jack before he came to The Music Lab, actually, because I directed a youth version of "Junie B. Jones: The Musical" with a local playhouse in Tacoma. Jack played Herbert, the male lead in the show.

A few months after I met him through Junie B, Jack enrolled in piano lessons at The Music Lab; he's had a blast ever since. Within a few months, he was reading music and beginning to play his favorite show tunes.

Right now, a couple years later, Jack is working on music from "Phantom Of the Opera" , "Pirates of the Caribbean", and, to round it out, some good ole' Johann Sebastian Bach.

Because he works and attends as much Music Lab programming as he can, his progress has been outstanding. I can't wait to see what this kid ends up playing when he hits his high school years.

Bravo, Jack.

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