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Student Stories: Margeaux Liloc

This kid has talent. It's kind of ridiculous. Call me shook.

Margeaux has been a member of the studio for maybe eight months, now? The amount of progress she has made in that time is absurd. She's currently working on a minuet by Mozart, and we're already looking into Bach. She's also just finished working on a rather difficult set of pieces from the film "How to Train your Dragon".

Considering she's only just turned 13, Margeaux has an impressive combination of sheer cognitive power, and more importantly, drive to practice and to work at her craft.

I really can't stress it enough, though I know it's such a cliche': Practice is 10x more important than talent. I'm not even kidding. Trust me, I've been a piano teacher in Tacoma for years now, and have worked with hundreds of students in that time. When it comes to piano lessons, effort is everything. "talent" helps, of course, but it's maybe 10% of the pie. Seriously.

I chose Margreaux for this month's student story because she exemplifies this kind of commitment to growth that I'm talking about. So far as I know, she practices every day --- at least, it sounds like it to me, each time I hear her (speaking of, keep reading to hear her perform at the bottom).

Of course, Margeaux has a WEALTH of innate intelligence and "talent", but it's kids like her that get me to thinking, what is "talent" anyway?

The longer I teach piano, and the more I play myself, the more I think that "talent" is simply an innate curiosity, desire, and interest in a particular activity. It's his innate drive that propels kids to work harder and longer, and to reach ever greater heights. This is quickly becoming a different post entirely, but it leads me to my next question: if "talent" is simply another word for "drive", can it be taught? Can talent be learned?

Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'm sure I'll explore that topic in another post down the road. For now, let's celebrate Margeaux's talent, discipline, and intelligence by sharing this post and by listening to her performance of my piece, "Spring Rain", linked below.

Couldn't be more proud of you, Margeaux!

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