• Michael Clark

This is what happens after you break through the "difficult phase"

Learning film music in Piano Lessons at Tacoma Music Lab!

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching piano lessons:

when your student reaches the level at which they can begin to play music they really recognize, and are interested in personally.

See the above video, for example, where Tacoma Music Lab piano student Conner plays "Preparation", a piece from the Uber-popular (at one point, anyway) show "Downton Abbey".

(his teacher may/may not love the show, too).

Conner has been with TML now since before its inception, when I taught lessons out of a church in Lakewood. He was around 10, then, and is now going on 14-ish. Since he started, a lot has changed at Tacoma Music Lab; a new location, a flood of new students and instruments, a more involved and intensive curriculum, but the fundamental idea has not changed.

We are a community where folks can come, learn, grow, and thrive, both with regards to music but also in a general sense. We challenge ourselves, learn the music we want to (and also some we don't want to!), and most importantly, build relationships.

After all, isn't that what it's all about? Especially right now. My goodness.

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