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Lesson Availability and Application

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Lessons for Youngsters




At TML, piano lessons for young beginners (10 and below) take place in a group setting. These classes are capped at 4 students, and last for one hour each week. They are not drop-in classes, or an activity like art or sports. Your student will join a cohort of other kids to progress through the early stages of piano education together; think of them the same way you would think of one-on-one lessons. A verbal commitment of at least a year is required, as it is important for both students and families to take this work seriously.


The benefits of this format are numerous. Students receive a traditional piano education, but moreover, will study the most difficult aspects of learning music (rhythm, counting, note recognition) through games and group activities that, in Michael's experience, turbo-charge the learning process for students in this age group. Students also exercise the ability to listen critically to each others' playing and are, as a result, often inspired to work harder themselves both in class and at home. Students who take group lessons absolutely love coming to learn each week!


After a student has a clear grasp on the fundamentals of piano playing and music theory, he/she will be moved to a 1:1 time slot with his/her teacher. Groups are formed based on age, availability of parents, and personality of the student. 

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